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Good News To Vulnerable Girls In Ndhiwa Rural Areas

Ah, 2021.....

What a year it's going to be!

What a year it is already. Here are some of the good things that are already happening in our communities in Ndhiwa sub-county Homa-bay County.

Here is Phoebe Atieno. She lives with her Aunt who is the provider of everything, she had been supporting Phoebe with everything but when Corona break out all schools were closed and everybody had to return back home, this had a great impact in that there was an increase in number of dependants in Phoebe's Aunt family and The Aunt could no longer manage the family as before and life became very challenging for the entire family, no enough food, no clothing, and other basic needs. Good News is that all this happens when Phoebe had already in one of our programs "Emergency Support", a program that has help her concentrate in her studies and maintained being in school. we have been giving her support like; blanket, slippers, washing powder, bar soap, pants, bikers, and pads every month alongside counseling and advice on how to become a good responsible girl. This has some good impact on her life has confirmed by the Aunt.

She is a candidate at Pala Primary school and in a few weeks time she is going to sit for her final exam, KCPE. Twende Pamoja Organization is wishing her success in the forthcoming exam. We are happy to hear these amazing stories and we are working on a better way of supporting more girls and women in our communities in Ndhiwa.

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