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Girls Support Group

GSG aims to strengthen and amplify our ‘Advocacy for Safe Communities’ programme, using activities focusing on the hardest to reach girls, helping to keep girls safe and build their confidence, all whilst increase their school attendance, attainment and progression to secondary school.

Girls who are vulnerable to and/or victims of School-related Gender Based Violence are identified by teachers in school. Each school has a female member of staff designated as Girls’ Advocate, who holds weekly sessions with the group. These sessions are part of a 20 week programme which covers topics such as Gender Equality, Peer Pressure and Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships. Girls are encouraged to be actively involved and to support each other where necessary.

Within each group of 30 girls, 10 are further identified as in particular need of extra support. These girls are provided with solar lamps, pens, pants, sanitary pads, books and uniforms to help them stay in school and we work with their mothers so that they can continue to provide this support beyond the programme.


To improve girls' access to and participation in education to enable them to reach their potential and have better life opportunities. 


  • To make schools and surrounding communities safe for girls.

  • To provide support for girls who are victims or at risk of school-related gender-based violence (SRGBV).

  • To empower girls to know and understand their rights and have the confidence to assert those rights.

  • To help girls and their families to understand the importance of education and to support them to complete primary school and progress to secondary.

  • To ensure that girls have the necessary life skills to be able to take their places as equal, active citizens.

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