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Small-scale Farmer Transforms Her Life and Family with Innovative Agriculture Techniques

Meet Milka Atieno, a small-scale farmer from Ndhiwa who has transformed her life and family through innovative agriculture techniques.

Milka Atieno is a small scale farmer and mother of seven children. She and her husband rely on farming and burning charcoal for income to support their family. However, these activities alone were not sufficient to meet their needs. With the help of agricultural trainings from the Global Youth Mobilization group and Twende Pamoja, Milka began growing Roselle on a small plot of land. Despite initial challenges with drought, pests, and disease, Milka was able to improve the yield and quality of her Roselle crop through proper watering, chemical and manure application. This not only provided her with a significant source of income, but also food for her family in the form of Roselle juice.

Additionally, her participation in group activities such as Merry Go Round and savings programs allowed her to purchase necessities and pay for her children's school fees. Despite a recent loss in her family, Milka has remained strong thanks to skillful parenting sessions and training in micro-finance and agribusiness offered by Twende Pamoja. She expresses her gratitude for the support she has received. "Ahsante sana Twende Pamoja!" Says Milka.


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