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Changing Lives: The Story of Rosemary

Rosemary lives with her mother and severely disabled brother, her father died. Rosemary’s mother is unable to leave her son to work so the family has little money or day to day essentials.

Rosemary was identified as a vulnerable student by Twende Pamoja, and was enrolled in her school’s Girls Support Group. Rosemary has received essential items for school including books, uniform, sanitary products and a solar lamp for studying in the evenings. These ‘basic’ essentials are so important.

Now that Rosemary is able to attend school with confidence, and can concentrate fully on her studies, she has been identified as one of the brightest students in her year group. She is excelling in multiple subjects and most importantly is able to reach her full potential.

Since Rosemary has joined the Girls Support Group, her mother has also been invited to participate in Twende Pamoja’s table banking group which operates by loaning small amounts out to its members, financially empowering the women to support their families. Her mother has taken this opportunity to create her own small business selling soap to local people in her area and bringing in much needed income. #TeamKenya #TwendePamoja #Kenya #empowerment #gratitude

Pictured above is a Twende Pamoja staff member with Rosemary, her mother and brother.


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