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Football for Empowerment

Football has been a key element of our programme of activities, going back to 2009. Through the Nike Behaviour Change Communication, Girls’ Football has been monumental in the fight against HIV and AIDS from 2009 up until 2011. Girl’s football has always been very successful in terms of improving skills and talents, encouraging self-confidence, whilst increasing self-esteem, leadership skills and creating opportunities.


Several girls have been awarded football scholarships to secondary schools. Girls are involved in weekend and holiday training, with regular tournaments (e.g. Chapa Dimba) and matches. Girl's football is high profile within the community.


To use football as a means of promoting equality between the boys and girls of Ndhiwa county. 



  • To promote respect between girls and boys by eradicating gender stereotypical norms formed from misinformed attitudes and perceptions.

  • To create an environment that facilitates equal opportunities for the advancement of football for both girls and boys.

  • To use football as a tool for teaching life skills and positive character growth.

  • To use football as a tool for developing communication skills from which both boys and girls can learn to express themselves freely and in a respectful manner.

  • To train players and increase their football competency so that they are able to play at more elite levels.

  • To facilitate a mentorship program that provides advice to both boys and girls regarding life issues.

  • To use football as a tool for promoting social cohesion in the community and fostering relationships with other communities in Kenya.

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