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Brighter Futures

Through the Brighter Futures programme, both boys and girls in local primary schools are given the opportunity to gain a range of skills and opportunities surrounding football and other sports. As well as skills development, the children in the community have the chance to play and compete in mixed groups, emphasising the values and responsibilities of team membership. This helps to build confidence and leadership skills, whilst demonstrating that girls and boys have equal potential. This programme runs for an 8 week term, with 24 students - 12 male and 12 female.


To use football as a means of promoting equality between the boys and girls of Ndhiwa county. 

To reduce SRGBV by engaging girls and boys and their families in gender equality conversations via a mixed gender football programme and co-curricular activities. 




  • To reduce violence against girls and provide support for vulnerable girls and victims.

  • To change boys’ attitudes towards girls and engage their support for gender equality.

  • To make schools and surrounding communities safe places for girls and boys.

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