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Community Conversation Workshops

In order to make long-term changes in the ways girls and women are treated, Twende Pamoja runs a series of community workshops with parents, teachers, elders, chiefs and religious leaders. It is only through engaging the whole community in this way that we can change attitudes and reduce acts of violence in schools, at home and in the community. 

In addition, chiefs, elders and religious leaders from all the communities in which we have partner schools are being trained to lead similar workshops within their own communities. 8 sessions have been prepared so far, with both training and delivery of sessions going well.

To use football as a means of promoting equality between the boys and girls of Ndhiwa county. 


To reduce SRGBV and keep girls safe in the Ndhiwa.



  • To raise awareness among parents on the importance of education for their children especially their daughters, and to help them understand the key principles of good parenting.

  • To challenge and change traditional attitudes towards girls and women in the community as a whole.

  • To collaboratively find solutions to the prevention of SRGBV with key stakeholders in the community.

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