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School Business Farms

Although primary school education is free in Kenya, children are required to wear uniform and come to school with materials, such as exercise books and pens. Unfortunately, many of the children attending schools in Ndhiwa Sub-County are full or partial orphans and/or living in extreme poverty, meaning their relatives or carers struggle to pay for these necessities. The School Business Farms offer a self-sustaining way to help these children, whilst also building the long-term sustainability of the school itself. The SBF's are developed on school land, with the initial investment being used to clear and plough the land and plant the first round of crops and provide fertiliser. The schools have been working on a combination of short-term (e.g. maize, beans and ground-nuts), medium-term (e.g. tissue-culture bananas & fruit trees) and long-term crops (e.g. grevillea robusta and eucalyptus trees).

School Business Farms are just one of the ways that Twende Pamoja are helping the young students in Ndhiwa. 

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