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 . . . . . .. . . . Ver Comic Porno Hijo Follando A Mama 3d PoringaA laptop computer, such as a laptop personal computer (PC), typically is comprised of a base portion that is carried by the user and that supports the display. The base portion also includes a battery, if needed, and may have various other components as well. A keyboard and a pointing device are connected to the base portion. A lid portion is hingedly coupled to the base portion to permit access to the base portion through an opening formed in the lid portion. A power switch is usually provided in the base portion, and sometimes in the lid portion as well. A power connector is provided on the base portion and mates with a power connector on a power supply (also referred to as a power adapter) to electrically connect the power supply to the base portion of the laptop. The battery of the laptop is typically an external battery (e.g., a rechargeable battery) that is electrically connected to the base portion by using a connector, e.g., a battery connector, to provide power to the laptop. In addition, the power supply and the battery are connected to the base portion by using separate connectors, e.g., a power connector and a battery connector, respectively. Laptops have been designed to replace a separate power supply, e.g., a supply that supplies power to desktop computers. As such, laptops now can be used in a variety of locations where a power supply would not be available, such as in an automobile, boat, or airplane. Such use, however, presents problems because the laptop is not connected to a power supply when the laptop is not being used, and thus is unable to use the laptop's power. One solution has been to provide an extension cord for connecting a laptop to a power supply when the laptop is not being used. This solution, however, is undesirable because the laptop remains connected to the power supply even when the laptop is in use. Moreover, the addition of the extension cord may be an inconvenience because the extension cord is prone to tangling, and the extension cord is often damaged, for example, by a person falling on the extension cord. Attempts have been made to provide an internally-powered laptop. One internally-powered laptop design includes a number of batteries that are connected in series to form an internal power supply. The power supply of this internally-powered laptop is connected to




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Ver Comic Porno Hijo Follando A Mama 3d Poringa

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