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Working With Schools to Reduce Extreme Poverty in the Communities

"Greetings from Rakoro primary school in Ndhiwa, this one of the schools where some of the girls are sponsored by your organization under the umbrella of extra girls support.

Am Mr. Wycliffe graduate Geography/business teacher and trained primary school teacher too in charge of school farm funded by you. May I take this opportunity to thank you for initiating banana farm to help the school raise Levies for the girls. Am happy to report to you that even the mothers and guardians of the girls have been provided with suckers to take home and raise banana backyards where the proceeds can be used to reduce poverty.

As the school Lead teacher with the knowledge of business ideas, I wish to see the school as are source center to improve the standards of the community by initiating more projects at school which we can trickle down to help in elevating the status of the community. For this reason it is my sincere request to fund poultry project for the school. Below are some of our progresses"


Mr. Wycliffe,

Lead Teacher Rakoro.


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