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Work and you’ll get what you need; work harder and you’ll get what you want

Alili from KWEI CBO group is a mother of 6 children where Mercy Atieno is her 2nd born. Her husband is alive but disabled. She is the bread winner and she trying through hard and thick to at least put something on the table. With farming as the main family economic activity and source of income, she has been planting and supplying local vegetable to the nearby market to make the ends meet for her family. With the unpredictable weather sometimes it becomes very difficult to realize enough production from the vegetable farm, in case of this then it means if she doesn’t look for another possible alternative then the family might not get their daily bread, so she has to burn charcoal to supplement the vegetable at least to make the family move on as expected.

Through agricultural trainings, supports in terms of farm inputs and encouragements, She decided to venture in Roselle production May 2021. She began with a very small piece of land. Due to prolonged drought, pests and disease the quality and Quantity of Roselle production was not encouraging at all. After processing she only got 3 litres of Roselle juice that was used as food within the family. She did not lose hope rather she again tried the same activity on the same piece of land. Currently her Roselle is doing pretty well yet to produce fruits. Their quality is impressive and Alili hopes to obtain good production in couple of weeks’ time.


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