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To Educate Girls is to Reduce Poverty

Diana is 15 and has just finish class eight this year at Bongu Primary School, in a Family of six she is the first born and the care taker of the younger siblings.

Her mother passed early last year, 2020, and the Father left for Nairobi the same month to search for job leaving behind the Six. Thanks to aid of Twende Pamoja where Diana was enrolled in Girls Support Group (GSG). Through the GSG She was getting some basic needs every end month, this help in keeping her in school and which as well contributed a lot on her performance in the final exam, KCPE.

Sometimes Twende Pamoja Team could pay a Visit to Diana at their home just to say Hello and give some support to the family where possible.

Diana’s quote “Life has never been easy for me, more so after depart of my Mum and too when my Dad left for Nairobi. Have been struggling to make sure my sisters and brothers goes to school daily and at least get some foods to eat. Twende Pamoja has really help me in many ways, the soap and jelly oil which I normally receive every month among other basic needs help all of us at home, the solar lamps help us in studying at night and am requesting Twende Pamoja to continue helping us during this challenging time, their visit always make us live.

#To Educate Girls is to Reduce Poverty @TP When Girls are Educated, their countries become stronger and more prosperous.


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