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Roselle is empowering female farmers in Ndhiwa Western Kenya

Twende Pamoja is supporting women in Ndhiwa, Homabay County, Western Kenya to increase their incomes through Roselle farming.

The enterprise Department has done training to a total number of 180 Women across Ndhiwa Subcounty, all Women were given high quality Roselle seeds at the end of training session.

Roselle farmer Eunita Adoyo has benefitted from Twende Pamoja’s support and through training and access to quality Roselle seeds, she cultivated ¼ acre of Roselle which produced 40litres of Roselle Juice which she later sold at a total amount of Ksh. 8000.

If you want to get more about Roselle click on the link below;


Roselle seeds is available if interested Contact Us through the link above🙏🙏🙏


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