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Karibuni Eco-cottagesKaribuni Ecco-Cottages is situated in Ndhiwa, Homabay county in Western Kenya just a few meters from Ndhiwa Karibuni Ecco-cottages where the Twende Pamoja Enterprise is situated, there is a demo farm on which all farm activities are taking place.

Before any project is rolled out to communities in Ndhiwa sub-county research must be carried based on the viability and resistance to diseases and weather conditions by our qualified personnel Erick Otieno, Francis Okuku, and Vivian Kahiga.

They have done research in Moringa Plant and based on the analysis Moringa plant can do well in the whole Ndhiwa Sub-county. Several trials have been done across the Sub-County in small portions of land in different geographical areas and all have been successful certifying that the project can be viable in Ndhiwa when given full consideration and good management. Now the project has been confirmed and rolled out to the community our partnering school demo farms will have the Moringa, Table banking women(school women group) in same schools will as well have the Moringa seeds to plant in their farms. We are calling for any interested person to order for the seed during this offset of rain, indeed a good time to plant moringa.

Moringa Research has become successful because of our qualified personnel who have been working tirelessly for the last 12 months to make sure all are well for the Ndhiwa and Homa-bay as a whole. The team of Four, Vivian Kahiga, Erick Otieno, Francis Okuku, and Eco-Cottages/Enterprise Director Madam Risper Adhanja who has played a key part in making sure the project succeeds.

Moringa is a deciduous tree that forms an umbrella shape from a single stem and often deep-rooted. It is a medium-sized plant and can be cultivated on direct seeding, the transplant of seedlings, or by utilizing hard stem cuttings. It can be grown in different types of soil, acidic to alkaline, and can tolerate soil pH between 5.0 and 9.0. The tree can be found on river banks and in well-drained soil. Its pods are triangular in cross-section and legume-like in appearance. These pods have oil-rich black and winged seed, which can be crushed to produce biodiesel.

Moringa tree grows extremely fast. Once planted they reach maturity in 9-10 months. The leaves can be harvested just in 6-8 weeks after planting and then once they are harvested, they immediately regrow. In our demo farm at Karibuni, we planted it for demonstration which was very successful. Now we have a sizable portion for moringa plant. Moringa powder and seeds is available at Karibuni in plenty. Moringa is rich in antioxidants and some other nutrients which are commonly missing in the diet of people living in undeveloped countries, especially the Africa countries.

Why Moringa??? Moringa leaves contain several important vitamins like; Vitamin A which help in maintain healthy vision, immunity and fetal growth. Vitamin C which protects the body from pollutants and toxin Vitamin E which act as an antioxidant Moringa can as well prevent and treat chronic disease like inflammatory disease, diabetes and cancer Moringa has got many uses, but we have highlighted some few; 1. Moringa leaves are dried and ground into Moringa powder and sold as food supplement. 2. Water purification- dried seeds are used to purify unsafe water 3. Reduction of cholesterol level 4. Control blood sugar level 5. Contain a high level of vitamins and minerals; 6. Used to curb malnutrition There is plenty of Moringa powder and Moringa seeds in the store and if you are in need of some good gram/Kilograms feel free to contact Us through; 0724066281/0703664269 Follow us on our social media platforms: Facebook: website: youtube: Twitter:


Faith Terry
Faith Terry
Nov 01, 2022

n internet connectivity therein, you need to consider Karibuni Eco cottages for your birthday parties, vacation or staycation or a simply a cool envt for meditation


Karibuni cottages remains to be a marvelous visiting site, regardless of your status.Special place for official duties

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