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Meet Our Senior Leadership Team

“I am the enterprise director where I enjoy working with Women and youths in Ndhiwa community to empower them to eradicate poverty and unemployment among youths in this society.

I am a teacher by profession who taught for sixteen years before deciding to engage fully with the community, I went for further education on business studies and majored on Human resource management to allow me work well with the women and youths. Being a resident of this community since birth, am aware of the challenges women, youths and girls undergo, since I too experienced the same, but through this project, I am today a proud lady from what we have achieved through working with team Kenya in this community which is great and has left a remarkable change in the lives of many people including women ,youths and school going children especially girls in Homa Bay county ,western region. I would like to end by saying bravo.... to anyone who extended a hand to this marvelous work to Ndhiwa community who has left us with a smiling face.

Thank you all.”

Risper Adhanja

Enterprise Director

“I have really enjoyed working with TP as an Organization both in exploring and experiencing the good work being done in the community for the past six years and am happy with the impact being felt around Ndhiwa community and its environ. Implementation of Projects outcomes are overwhelming and none of the community member would like to miss the opportunity of getting involved. During the Covid-19 Pandemic our response plan ensured our girls were safe, the beneficiaries and less privileged community members were supported with basic necessities for house hold sustainability. I am optimistic that as we continue implementing our programmes together with everyone, then we shall overcome. Let’s join hands together to have an empowered community “Together we can”

Vincent J. Otieno.

LRC/Finance Manager.

“I am currently working with Twende Pamoja Organization as Advocacy for Safe Community and Girls Education Programme Manager.

In my career work, I have a passion of promoting and developing advocacy for empowerment strategies that assist young women and girls and as well especially the most vulnerable individuals through education and supporting anti-discriminatory practices. This is currently evidenced by our successful move to work with the help of teachers and local key stakeholders to introduce school child protection policy procedures to help secure and mitigate any form of abuse, violence or causes gender discriminations.”

Bonface Otieno- Girls advocacy &

Education programme Manager.

Twitter @twendendhiwa


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