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Impact of Inspiring Leadership Trust(ILT) to young Girls in Ndhiwa Community.

Did you know how important the Inspiring Leadership Trust (ILT) trainings were very helpful for the young girls in Ndhiwa Community?

Meet Ades, not her real name.

She is one of the girls whom attended the Inspiring Leadership Trust training sessions.

“Hello team am glad to inform you that am very happy with each and every inspiration that I have been receiving and that am fully transformed. Before I used to degrade myself in that I was not happy with my level of education, that is diploma level as my wish back then was to pursue bachelor in education art, I had to be in the situation in that I had no option, and now that I came to meet the team, am grateful that you have rekindled my hopes again, am now happy that am going to graduate next month Aug 20th and am proud of being a holder of certificate in diploma in diplomacy and public relation.

The experience that you have been sharing throughout the workshops has made me realized that I am more worthy and I should appreciate each and everything I have in life, I can stand up for myself and build my own image and reputation. I am a proud woman now and I am counting myself Lucky for I have met wonderful people, who have fully transformed me, thanks once again and be blessed and for the support am grateful still”


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