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Extra Support Program In Schools

Meet Asha Atieno. She is learning at Bongu primary school in standard eight, she is 14.

Asha is a total orphan currently staying with her sister in Bongu Village. They were left four children and she is the second last born. Among them, none has joined secondary school due to lack of school fees.

After the death of their parents, life became very difficult as the four could not get basic needs as expected. All had to look for better places to stay and Asha landed at her sister's place in Bongu Village. Here life was now at least and Asha could find some little that the sister could afford. Sister is just a peasant farmer and the produce cannot fully support the family and also help in buying enough basic needs for Asha since their land is not that large and this dictates the quantity of the produce, but however little she is getting do support the young girl in one way or the other.

Asha is a hard-working girl in school and because of her hard work and respectfulness, She was identified and enrolled in our Extra Support Program through the help of school Headteacher and Girls Advocate. Since her enrollment in the program, she has improved so much in her classwork and the teacher has appreciated her for this. Her best subjects are social studies and science. She is dreaming to be a lawyer when she grew up and this is very possible because she has the potential. Asha is also a good footballer in their school and she enjoys playing it. #Educate a girl Empower a woman & Transform the Community👊

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