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Learning Resource Centre

The Learning and Resource Centre is located in the same building as the Twende Pamoja office in the centre of Ndhiwa. Currently, the LRC houses a children’s section and adult’s section library, plus an IT room. The IT room provides training courses for both children and adults, with facilities continually being updated and added to. 

The Library provides access to books for children from the 158 primary and 48 secondary schools in Ndhiwa. Given that learning resources are in such scarce supply in schools in Ndhiwa, the Centre provides vital access for students. As well as a range of school text books and resources to support the school curriculum, the library now has a wide range of story books, aimed at developing a love for reading for pleasure and improving literacy standards. Activities, such as educational games (Scrabble, Chess, etc.) are being introduced and proving popular.


To reduce SRGBV and keep girls safe in the Ndhiwa.

To provide an enriched educational experience for the young people and the community at large in Ndhiwa.



  • To provide access to a high quality lending and reference library, information, advice, IT provision and training opportunities for teachers, school children and residents of Ndhiwa via the Learning and Resource Centre.

  • To embed a culture of reading for knowledge, empowerment and pleasure in Ndhiwa's primary schools, developing literacy and cognitive skills, broadening minds and encouraging the motivation to learn through Reading for Empowerment clubs, visits to the library and mobile book boxes.

  • To improve the quality of teaching and learning in Ndhiwa schools through the provision of good quality classroom resources and up to date teacher education training manuals.

Reading for Empowerment clubs are now being run in the library for the four local partner schools, with the more distant schools are being catered for with mobile book boxes, which are changed on a monthly basis. These schools also have their own Reading for Empowerment clubs, run by their own trained teacher librarians.

Twende Pamoja believes that education is the single-most greatest equaliser in the world and that readers are leaders in the respective spheres of life and influence. 

Twende Pamoja further believes that access to age-appropriate books, teaching-learning aids and other materials, including toys and safe play grounds, is the foundation of a strong education system, which in turn is a recipe for the attainment of the global sustainable development goals. 

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